G101: Payment PIN Pad

The G101 PIN Pad, designed to partner with our countertop terminals, is a low-cost solution that allows for secure, PIN-based transactions and signature capture. With a compact ergonomic design and ultimate security, you can’t go wrong with the G101.

    PCI-PTS and EMV Certified, it meets the industry standards for compliance
    Provides an easy-to-use way to perform PIN-based transactions with signature capture
    Large display and privacy screen make it easy to read and keep important information private

Download Specs (PDF)

Scalable and Flexible

  • Ideal partner to our countertop terminals
  • Allows for PIN-based transactions and signature capture

Ultimate Security

  • PCI-PTS and EMV certified, ensuring top security

User Friendly

  • Customer-facing PIN Pad allows for an enhanced user experience
  • Large display
  • Privacy shield
  • Connected stylus

Always On

  • 24/7 customer support